Frequently Asked Questions

Many of you have had some very good questions. We hope that we can answer them here.

Can my children come to the reunion?
Yes, that would be great.
Do you have programs or events for the children?
No, but depending on their age they will enjoy a lot of our program. They could enjoy the pool at the hotel, or bring their fishing pole and fish off the dock.
Is there a different registration fee for my children?
No, all ages will pay $75.00 for the whole reunion. Any child under the age of 2 years old of course can attend free of charge.
Is the registration fee refundable if I change my mind?
Yes, but less fees per ticket. If this unfortunate event happens and you have paid but then can’t make it and will need a refund, please let us know right away. We will notify the website who will process this for us. It will take 2-3 days for you to see this back on your credit card. 
Can we cancel our room reservation at the hotel if we don’t need this?
Yes, 100% cancelation up to 72 hours before time of reservation. Please contact the hotel.
I can only come for two days, and the reunion is for four, what should I do?
Please refer to the schedule of events to make that decision. If you decide to leave on Monday morning early please don’t be disappointed if you miss your favorite speaker on Monday morning. You have been warned that we have a great lineup on the fourth of July! 
I really want to attend but won’t know for sure until June, what should I do?
It is best that you wait until you know for sure before registering for the reunion. We would like to have a final count 30 days before the reunion but understand if you can’t commit at this time. Please register as soon as you know.
Is my registration payment tax exempt? Will I receive a tax-exempt receipt? 
No, we are not a Charitable organization and don’t have the means to do this. We are not a 501c 3 non-profit organization. You will however receive a receipt for your payment to your email account.
I have a food allergy. I am a vegan. I am lactose intolerant. I’m on a gluten free diet. (You get the idea) Can I request a special menu or meal?
Where we would love to accommodate everyone’s food preferences and needs we don’t have the ability to do this. We will be having a variety of very well-planned meals with the hopes that each of you would find something that you will be able to enjoy!
I have trouble walking and will not be able to walk very far, will you have anything to help me in getting around? 
We would suggest bringing your walker with you on the flight or in the vehicle that you will be using to get to the reunion. If you would need, we will have shuttles to and from the lodging to the Fletcher Center of Pioneers and also to the lakeside or terrace for events. We also have a vendor who will rent motorized scooters to individuals for $120 for 6 days which we can have ready and waiting for you to use. Please let us know and pay this fee to us at least 30 days in advance.
Some have wondered why we have called this the “Reunion Finale -The last of its kind”.
We have been so blessed to have such a wonderful heritage of Missionaries in our families, many of who quite literally were some of the first missionaries in many tribal areas. Of course, this took place many years ago when TMF was in place to service all mission organizations. We come together in these reunions to celebrate each other and spend time remembering those days and reconnecting with our lives now. Our 1st generation missionaries have thinned out significantly over the years as they have passed into the presence of the Lord. Many even now are unable to attend this reunion when just three short years ago they were able to attend our last one.  For this reason, we say that this reunion is “the last of its kind”, meaning we won’t be able to fellowship with many veteran missionaries who are older at a future reunion because again, they just won’t be able to attend because of the aforementioned circumstances.  
     This is a 4-day reunion, it has taken a year to raise funds to offset the cost so that we can offer the registration fees low enough for it to be reasonable for us to attend. With the rising cost of living and prices for events like this one, it is likely that a 4-day reunion in this manner will not be feasible at this affordable price in several years.
      Will there be More Reunions? Yes, if you want there to be! Will they have the same people? No because generations pass…. that’s why we titled this one “From One to Another…I will declare Your Power to the next generation, Your works from one generation to another”. Ps 71, 145
     Let’s collectively and intentionally focus on the Blessings of the Lord with this reunion: It’s the last of its kind, and the Lord has orchestrated this in such a way that the registration fee is reasonable for us all to attend so we can share the memories and make new ones… “From one to another”. 
Will the reunion be on zoom or be recorded?
We will do our very best to have all of the reunion recorded and later put on the website with a link to order for a fee. Having a Zoom invite or room will take lots of resources, many that we don’t have at this point. But we will let you know if this is an option.
What is the marketplace?
This will be much like a convention floor where tables will represent the selling of merchandise or information on a ministry or such is available. We would love for books, and merchandize to be sold, and businesses and ministries can be solicited. You can also have tables where it is a giveaway. The market place will be open in the afternoons before dinner and in the evenings after our sessions. Tables can be reserved on your registration form or by contacting us directly.

Can I use other hotel discount for my hotel stay?
 Yes, of course you can. The hotel has given us a wonderful discount on our block of rooms but if you have other discounts or points that you would like to use that would be fine. Please make sure to make your reservations under the TMF block of rooms.

More questions and answers will be added as need be.