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Our Beloved needs Prayer!

UPDATE: July 28th
Carolyn Eckman Ballard has been cleared for a TAVR - a fairly non-invasive procedure to replace the aorta valve with a bovine valve through a catheter in the groin.  She has met with both the Dr who will lead the TAVR team as well as a cardio thoracic surgeon who also has to be present for the procedure.  Our prayer now is that they are able to find a time when both surgeons are available at the same time that the OR is open.  Both physicians are very positive about Carolyn’s prognosis and healing once the procedure is complete.  In the meantime, she is healing from COVID, living with limited activity and drinking from the wells of praise.  Thank you for your love and prayers for an expedited surgery date.  
Love from Sanna Eckman Gailer

Our very dear Aunt Carolyn Eckman-Ballard, is in need of our prayers. During our recent reunion we received an urgent prayer request about Ethan Larson. We stopped and prayed, our entire group brought before the Lord this request, and God started to answer! We need to do the same now! Stop what you are doing and together let’s bring Carolyn Eckman-Ballard before the Lord for healing, peace, guidance and a clear pathway ahead. 
Aunt Carolyn brought a powerful message to us on Sunday evening. The Holy Spirit was moving and many were touched! She was obedient to Gods call to bring each of us a message we needed to hear. Now she needs us to stand in the gap for her in prayer.
Here is a message from Sanna Eckman Gailer. 
“Hi TMF family: 
Following a number of tests over the last several days, it has been determined that Carolyn Eckman Ballard is requiring an aortic valve repair.  Following another trip to the ER and an overnight at NE GA Medical Center last night, an appointment has been scheduled to meet with the TAVR team on 7/26.  At that time, we trust a surgery date will be scheduled. Please pray this will be able to be done in a timely manner and that as she waits at home, her symptoms will be properly managed.”

Thank you TMF family for praying!
Love, Linda Isais for the Eckman Families

  John Cutts
Friday, July 8, 2022
Dear Papua coffee lovers. . . . . We are roasting more coffee and would love to send you and your friends a batch to distribute and in so doing support our pastors who are growing it! Please let me know how many bags and I will let you know mailing costs  before I send it.   Nothing like kicking the day into gear with a taste of heaven and the jungle all mixed up into one very unique drink! Thank you so much for your support and great seeing each of you recently!
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